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Competitive spreads and leverage for ArgoTrade commodity traders

When trading commodities it’s important to keep watch on the news, weather and politics to see what will affect these versatile instruments – for example, oil fluctuates when OPEC meets, heavy rains push up wheat prices, strength in gold reflects a weak USD. Armed with knowledge of global economic issues, you can enjoy great trading terms with no commission on ArgoTrade.

Gold is available at the low spread of 0.70 USD and up to 1:200 leverage, whilst crude oil has only 0.03 USD spread and a maximum 1:151 leverage. Low margins are employed on commodities so trading conditions for all 19 commodities are very competitive.

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Want to see all list of commodities?

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The commodity market trades primary goods rather than services and is divided into soft and hard. Soft commodities are mainly agricultural, and hard are normally mined. Commodities are traded on ‘futures’ contracts and very much dependent on supply, demand, politics, sanctions, production levels and even the weather.

Soy Beans

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